Dare to Draw Donald J. Trump

Last week, Donald Trump came to my state shortly after I took a survey asking if I wanted him to come here. I clicked ‘Yes’. I didn’t think he’d listen. And I doubt I was the only one who took the e-mail survey from Trump’s campaign staff. He probably didn’t listen personally TO me. Who he listened to was probably a huge amount of people. But I don’t care. I want to thank him for making the effort, anyway. So I drew him a picture that I think represents who he is.

For you, my reader, I want to tell the steps on how I drew it so you can learn about my art. First, I drew a sketch from a variety of Trump pictures I found online. Using just 1 isn’t my style; I cross-reference up to 20 pictures to draw my own. I sketched the portrait on a blank piece of paper with an ordinary mechanical pencil. Then it was scanned in, outlined digitally, and shaded with an airbrush tool. At last, it was time for Kat to have it, making it look gorgeous with colors and polished lines.

Note: I drew this picture of Trump before I saw him at the “Roast and Ride” event! Although from his outfit you couldn’t tell, could you?

Mr. Trump spoke about ending violence, political favoritism, and crime. It wasn’t the best speech I’ve ever heard him say, however, two actions he did said a lot about how he cares: he let the women of The Remembrance Project speak out on stage about their tragedies, and he let the border patrol men have a chance to say how dangerous the situation is, specifically down on the southern United States border. The danger of drugs is everywhere because there’s a major distribution center in Central Texas, selling illegal heroine nationwide. Seriously, search “The Remembrance Project”. You won’t be disappointed at the humanity you find on their website. Maria Espinoza is the Co-Founder of the project set on bringing justice to families who had loved ones tortured, raped, and murdered by criminals.  It’s wrong they have to wait for fair trials, when all they’re asking for is justice and order, so violence can be stopped.

Back to Donald J. Trump, he is more than just a candidate for USA’s President. He’s a mentor to me as I watch his campaign. He may not know it, but I notice his personality to find out what kind of man (or woman) you have to be to make money in the industry of business. I’ll admit I’ve not been good at making money. That’s bad considering my goals. But now, for the first time, my self-esteem is going up thanks to Mr. Trump. I’m a patriot again.

Donald Trump may not be popular for these facts, but he defends the rights of the voiceless, promises liberty to citizens, and loves the country enough to fight for it in his own unique way. Of course, what he’s QUITE infamous for is the flaws: rambunctiousness, big talk, and bragging about himself. Ok… Let’s get real, though. Let’s get down and dirty. Nitty-gritty. Who is flawless? Who doesn’t make mistakes? Who tames his tongue 100% of the time? How would anyone act if the reporters and cameramen cut and edited one’s words out of context? Haven’t I gotten into a heated argument once or twice? (If you know me, you’ll know, yes, I have. Maybe you know how I feel?) Donald J. Trump is human and he’s not been a politician. We also need to take note that in business, bragging wins. Bragging is the strategy to get people to look at you and your products, whether to scrutinize or out of interest, and you WIN if you have what it takes to impress them. Because when BRAGGING is validated by SUCCESS, suddenly, that’s now considered BRAGGING RIGHTS. You go from BIG EGO to BIG GAME. That’s who Mr. Trump is. He’s a big game player. As the old saying goes: “Money talks”. He wants to make the  American dream possible again by dealing with the national deficit and allowing cash flow to return to the USA and back into the American people’s pockets so they can start succeeding once again, and immigrants can start coming into a country worthy of their dreams.


God’s Call

Sundays are special in our home; a holy day to stop and worship God.  We gather around the dinner table and hold an intimate service together where we sing, take communion, and study God’s word.  We’ve been doing this for many years; God holds no partiality for large church services, as Jesus assures us in Matthew 18:20 that “…where two or three are gathered in my name, I’m there with them.”

For the past few months, we’ve been reading the book You Were Made for More by Jim Cymballa during our church services.  This week the chapter we read touched on Gideon and God’s calling for him.  He was made for more: God called him to stand against the Midianites and free the Israelites from their oppression.  Where was Gideon when the Angel of the Lord came to him to deliver the mission statement?  He was threshing the wheat of his father’s fields while hiding in a wine press! (Threshing wheat in a small space like a wine press is absurd; to thresh the wheat, he would have to toss it into the air to let the shaft blow away. Imagine trying to get wind to blow  the shaft away with walls all around you!)

But despite where he was when God’s message came to him, God knew his potential and called on him. The Angel of the Lord said to him, “Hello, great warrior! Go and fight for my people, and save them from the people who oppress them.” You can read Gideon’s story here. It’s an amazing account of God’s patience with a doubter and his awesome power over armies of evil.

God has plans for all of us, just like he had plans for Gideon.  Gideon is known for his doubting, but God recognizes him for his faith.  (Gideon is listed in Hebrews 11, which is known as the faith chapter, after all.)  His resume would probably have had “BIG COWARD” written all over it, but God put him in a position to command an army of God and conquer 122,000 men.

We may be called to do something so big that we’re afraid of failing. But have faith!  God knows what He’s doing.  He has all the strength that we lack, and is willing to show His awesome power, if only we’ll let Him.

Here’s a word from Lacy.


Autumn Angel Art: bloggers?

Autumn Angel Art has been considering a blog for a long time.  Sometimes it would feel unnecessary and burdensome, because there is little time outside all the tasks they have with work and family.  Life is busy, especially for women who aspire to run a business.

But recently Kat and Lacy have agreed that it could be beneficial to start a blog, even if for no other reason than to introduce themselves and allow people to get to know them.

So after a brainstorm session that lasted a couple days, they finally decided to start a blog dedicated to their own interests.  It’s not a blog meant to sell their products or to convince the world of ‘the right plan’ for a better future.  It’s just a blog that’s meant to connect with the rest of the world, to introduce themselves, and to find if they -as business women- can gain the interest of others who share similar beliefs and likes.