Autumn Angel Art has been considering a blog for a long time.  Sometimes it would feel unnecessary and burdensome, because there is little time outside all the tasks they have with work and family.  Life is busy, especially for women who aspire to run a business.

But recently Kat and Lacy have agreed that it could be beneficial to start a blog, even if for no other reason than to introduce themselves and allow people to get to know them.

So after a brainstorm session that lasted a couple days, they finally decided to start a blog dedicated to their own interests.  It’s not a blog meant to sell their products or to convince the world of ‘the right plan’ for a better future.  It’s just a blog that’s meant to connect with the rest of the world, to introduce themselves, and to find if they -as business women- can gain the interest of others who share similar beliefs and likes.


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