Sundays are special in our home; a holy day to stop and worship God.  We gather around the dinner table and hold an intimate service together where we sing, take communion, and study God’s word.  We’ve been doing this for many years; God holds no partiality for large church services, as Jesus assures us in Matthew 18:20 that “…where two or three are gathered in my name, I’m there with them.”

For the past few months, we’ve been reading the book You Were Made for More by Jim Cymballa during our church services.  This week the chapter we read touched on Gideon and God’s calling for him.  He was made for more: God called him to stand against the Midianites and free the Israelites from their oppression.  Where was Gideon when the Angel of the Lord came to him to deliver the mission statement?  He was threshing the wheat of his father’s fields while hiding in a wine press! (Threshing wheat in a small space like a wine press is absurd; to thresh the wheat, he would have to toss it into the air to let the shaft blow away. Imagine trying to get wind to blow  the shaft away with walls all around you!)

But despite where he was when God’s message came to him, God knew his potential and called on him. The Angel of the Lord said to him, “Hello, great warrior! Go and fight for my people, and save them from the people who oppress them.” You can read Gideon’s story here. It’s an amazing account of God’s patience with a doubter and his awesome power over armies of evil.

God has plans for all of us, just like he had plans for Gideon.  Gideon is known for his doubting, but God recognizes him for his faith.  (Gideon is listed in Hebrews 11, which is known as the faith chapter, after all.)  His resume would probably have had “BIG COWARD” written all over it, but God put him in a position to command an army of God and conquer 122,000 men.

We may be called to do something so big that we’re afraid of failing. But have faith!  God knows what He’s doing.  He has all the strength that we lack, and is willing to show His awesome power, if only we’ll let Him.

Here’s a word from Lacy.



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