Penning, shading, sketching, painting… the question always lies in the moment: What do I want to do today?  Now, I don’t actually paint with oils or pastels or watercolor, mind you.  I don’t have a studio for that.  But with the use of my amazing Ugee drawing monitor, and the buggy but awesome Corel painter program, I do like to experiment with brushes and play around with styles.

Although I do my professional art on digital canvas, I enjoy working on paper, too.  I can’t usually get myself to appreciate my own pencil drawings, which is why I need Lacy as the other half of Autumn Angel Art, but every once in a while I can be pleased with a sketch I do, and I think to myself “Hey.  I can actually work with this – with some pen and color, it may turn into something that’s actually worth my time…!”

Calling for help:

I’m currently in the process of designing a logo for a gaming company.  Keywords of the company are: literary, tabletop games, card games, stories, experience.  The games that are created have unique stories and a variety of characters full of personality, leading to a strong experience for players.

I would like to ask to all who read this, what type of logo do you think characterizes a game company that offers fun experience the way a library offers experiences to readers?  Do any of the following rough drafts speak “literary tabletop gaming” to you?




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