While I was finishing breakfast, I turned the channel to Joel Osteen, a preacher on TV, and he was talking about dreams. He got me thinking: a dream is something every one of us has. Every one of us has a unique dream. Each dream is like the decorations in a front yard, like holiday lights at Christmastime; when a person takes a drive down an American suburban street in December, there will be colors flashing outside houses, each house displaying its own seasonal scene, each homeowner having a unique vision of what he wants his house to look like. Our dreams are like that, too. Some dreams are blue and steady like the winter wonderland theme. Other dreams are flashing colors as the big, blowup Santa stands jovially with the reindeer. Each dream tells a separate story, nonetheless, we all have one. If we don’t, it may be that someone or something has torn down our self-worth or because we live in a state of sadness, feeling defeated or let down. I want to encourage you, even if you feel you have no dream, there is hope.

First, I’m going to return to the Christmas analogy for a moment. As a family is driving along, gazing at all the lights, they may arrive at a destination of darkness. At this house, the yard is dark and no decorations show. A kid in the back seat might ask “Why isn’t there lights here, Dad?” Dad’s answer may be, “Scrooges hate Christmas” or “Looks like nobody’s home”. But the darkness doesn’t have to mean nobody’s inside. It doesn’t have to be that the person is anti-holiday. The house could be dark simply because the homeowner doesn’t have a reason to light it up. Nothing motivates the homeowner to create a beautiful scene.

It’s the same when a person has no dream. He or she lives life without a motivation to make tomorrow great. Or perhaps they have a dream and don’t realize it, because it doesn’t smell like money or look like Paris. You know, dreams don’t have to be big. They come in lots of shapes and sizes. Maybe your dream comes as a yearning to get married and have children. Maybe you have a goal to write a song and publish it on Youtube. No matter what your situation, whether you feel like you have a dream or not, God can bring a sense of unprecedented hope to your life. He can guide you, he can be your GPS to take you to where you need to go, and he can be the electricity that lights up your life, brightening your life through the prayers you pray. The Holy Spirit can work as your motivational coach.

Joel Osteen said, “It may not happen the way you expect it or on your timetable, but God is a faithful God. It will happen.” That’s true. It may take months or even years to see your life, or your dreams, transform. Keep on praying and seeking for new discoveries, new education, and new avenues that help you adapt your life towards your dream, in the direction you think God’s taking your dream. Your future will begin to take form, one day at a time, and your dream will be made visible.

There are two wonderful Bible characters worth mentioning, that had the Holy Spirit as their motivational coach. The first character, Ezekial, I want to tell you about in a video, so I can engage with you through Scripture and reading.

The second character is a more relatable example of a woman who lived for God even when she herself didn’t have a dream. Her name was Ruth. She has a whole book in the Bible dedicated to her story. Being a foreigner, she didn’t start out a part of God’s nation, but she learned about the Lord from her husband’s family. Tragically, that husband died, and she became a widow at an early age. Instead of going back to her own family and her own religion, she followed the Holy Spirit’s calling into Judah, accompanying her mother-in-law, Naomi. It was there she met Boaz. He was quite smitten by her as he watched her quietly glean the fields. He fell in love with her (possibly love at first sight).

Ruth wasn’t a woman who walked around talking about her dreams or the future she had – she may not have even had a dream at all because she was still mourning her late husband – but Boaz soon discovered the beauty of her love. He told her, “The Lord will reward you for all you have done. You will be paid in full by the Lord, the God of Israel. You have come to him as a little bird finds shelter under the wings of its mother.” Boaz married Ruth after that, and through that union, she had a son and became the ancestor of Jesus Christ. Even without a dream of her own, by coming to God and loving him, by following the Holy Spirit’s guidance into a new land, she found love, hope, joy, and maybe even the resolve she needed to be able to dream after the loss she endured.

Like Ruth, when you let the Spirit guide you, your dream will take root and grow into a reality that you will be proud to live. It’s always good to remember that anything can happen when the Spirit leads.


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