Mark your calendar for the first Sunday in November. November 6 is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, also known as IDOP. This day has been designated as a day to pray for the Christians facing oppression, whether from government or culture, especially found in Northern Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Praying on IDOP is more serious than simply asking for world peace. If we want to use the word deplorable, let us use it to describe the conditions some face in hostile regions of the world.

If you are living in the free world, help me spread the word by sharing my video. You don’t have to do it on social media where there is a device between you and the other person; talk to your friends about it face to face. What we need to do is get each other involved to truly make IDOP bountiful and good for the ones suffering. We need to lift each other’s words up in prayer, saying things like “Amen!”, “Bless you”, or “Yes, Jesus” when a fellow Christian is praying. To put your hand on a friend’s shoulder also helps spur him on to have a more powerful meaning. (And when praying with non-Christians, you can talk to Jesus in your own mind, letting Christ know you want His attention.)

If you are not in the free world, or you do not feel safe to profess your faith, you can still pray privately on this day. Kneel down to God in an enclosed room, all alone, and cry out to him for deliverance. Embrace the ones you love, hug and kiss them, and say a prayer on behalf of others suffering, too.

God will hear our prayers on a mightier scale if we all pray together. I urge you, I cannot do this alone… well, perhaps I can, but the ones hurting really need more than just me for real change.

Honestly, God does not care how we say our prayers, or how eloquent we are. As long as we pray from our hearts, God hears us. So I petition that you remember to pray on IDOP for the sake of love. Revival. Peace. Pardon. Should any person be imprisoned or killed for sharing their faith? #StandWithThem

Writer’s note: I am not affiliated with or working for The Voice of Martyrs non-profit organization.  I only want to help shed light for the Christians suffering, as I have the freedom in America to do so. I support VOM through donation and also encourage you to do the same. Visit for more information.