Three years ago, Kathryn and Lacy created a card game title The Lair. During the time of the alpha tests, Lacy stumbled upon a Kickstarter project by a man, Paul Taylor, inviting people to submit stories for a Christian anthology book, Worlds of Faith. She gave money to it, wanting it to succeed, but had no plan to submit a story. God had other plans (realized through prayer).

Events conspired. Worlds of Faith was funded, however, went months incomplete because there were not enough stories to make the book. Therefore, the only righteous thing to do, to help the project along, was to write. Kathryn and Lacy wrote two stories, one being inspired by their game The Lair. It was an interesting experience, suddenly linking their game to Christian literature. That catapulted them into the idea of selling literature and games together.




The Lair is not the same game as it was in 2013. It’s had many transformations since then, being renamed Escaping the Lair for the Worlds of Faith story, and expanding into a game that expresses Bible truths through allegory. Because it still needs time, the game remains in development. The current status is testing for “bugs”, drafting the rulebook, and creating a marketing plan.

Escaping the Lair Card Game (name pending) is a dungeon-crawler set in a mythical world where heroes struggle the grip of death from every turn. Traps are fired, monsters creep, and Dragon strikes unexpectedly. Players interact with a good NPC to stay alive while battling the evil NPC inside the evil realm.

Kathryn explains in a video what improvements have been made since the beta release of the game last year.


  • Game title: The title will change from Escaping the Lair Card Game. It will not be revealed at this time, but the title strays from the short story approach to create a more dynamic product for fantasy gamers.
  • Rulebook: Rules have improved dramatically, with more NPC action and less complications. Players interact differently with new character skills.
  • Card designs: Completely redesigned. Cards have been removed, enlarged, or added. Titles have changed.
  • Box design: Pending. Your opinion would be super helpful. Please look at the picture of the box design and answer the poll below.


Autumn Angel Art has a whole new vision for our game. The vision includes expansion packs for new characters, items, and dungeons; stories in literary form exploring the mythical world of the Lair; and possibly merchandise (aka T-shirts, hats, etc.) if the demand is there.




One thought on “Escaping the Lair Card Game (name pending) Update

  1. Zakładając bloga niektórzy mają przed sobą myśl o zarobku, inni chcą się przede wszystkim dzielić swoją pasją.

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