September 20, sometime in the Baroque Era, with a touch of present day.

Written with penmanship of Captain Gavotte Goodrich, Commander of the Phantom Acoustique.

Can you possibly believe the luck that I have?  Dear friends, I plan a strict regiment for myself and my crew, I settle tirelessly into my projects at hand with a long week ahead of me, and then one of my crew strains his back.  It cripples the workflow that I had planned, and put us behind an entire week.

Tis times like this when the advice of my dear sister comes to mind: “Ne’r walk th’plank with a broken back. Yer’ll lose yer dignity ‘n’ the respect o’ ye crew an’ b’feedin’ the fishes all in th’same instant.”

Sometimes, business can feel like walking the plank, especially when you put yourself out for the world to take a little part in… just for no one to respond.  Work is tough, morale is low, when no revenue can be made. No one works without pay.

My crew is a crew of second chances. They all have a story to tell, secrets to hold, and wrongs to forgive.  And they’ve all joined the crew on board my ship, to earn a little forgiveness, to start a new life, or to spark a new passion in the one they’re already living.  So often I don’t have the doubloons to give them their hard-earned pay; but they stay with me, because they understand how important second chances are, and they know how important my work is.  We are a crew of pyrate hunters.  We seek justice, but give mercy to those who need it.

My crew and I might be requesting your aide soon, and I hope you’ll be willing to respond to the call.  But meanwhile…
I already have an investor who keeps my ship afloat.  You may recognize his name: Richard Coote, the Lord of Bellamont.  I rec’d his generous donations at the start of my expeditions.  But I am not wrong in asking for additional investors to join my cause and help my crew, and so I am now opening an invitation to all of you:

aaartlogoIf you would like to invest in my crew, my ship and my voyages, then please visit this small online boutique (Autumn Angel Art) and take a look at the wares for sale there.

Here’s a peek at the current spotlight items:


Green skies ‘n’ stormy seas be an ominous sight, e’en fer an old salt like t’great Edward Teach. Write, if yer able, and remember what it’s like to be Blackbeard t’pirate! Yarrr… he were a rich man, that scurvy seadog!
This note card be blank inside, givin ‘ee more room t’write what ya want t’write.

Lemon Shark Merman Note CardLemon Shark Merman Note Card

Don’t explore shark’s terrain, or you may find yourself facing the danger of a merman’s wrath. He’s extremely territorial.
This card showcases beautiful art and a unique take on mermen. This note card is blank inside, giving you more room to write what you want to write.
Koi Mermaid Note CardKoi Mermaid Note Card

Beautiful siren with a lovely voice; but this Koi Mermaid is friendly in nature. She captures true beauty from the waters of the orient.
This original take on mermaids will decorate your message with charm and beauty. This note card is blank inside, giving you more room to write what you want to write.


Floral Blessings ~Cherry Blossom~ StationeryFloral Blessings ~Cherry Blossom~ Stationery

Trees blooming with delicate pink blossoms. The air raining with soft petals from the cherries’ flowers. You haven’t seen this kind of beauty unless you’ve seen a lane lined with these angelic trees, showing off their own heavenly blessings.


 Mists of Avalon Jumbo Note CardMist of Avalon Jumbo Note Card

Sail to the dream of Avalon, a serene place where the rebirth of great kings are told about in legend. Write of your tales in the quiet isle of apples, and send them to your friends.
This jumbo note card is blank inside, giving you MUCH more room to write what you want to write.


A Sailor's Moon Big Note CardA Sailor’s Moon Big Note Card

Have you ever sailed a boat by moonlight? Such a beautiful sight. This big note card is blank inside, giving you even more room to write what you want to write.




Pumpkin Spice MugPumpkin Spice Mug

The Pumpkin Spice mug would be a truly “feel good” addition to your kitchen cabinet. It’s for that comforting time of year, when the air is chilly, during September through December. Whether you like coffee, hot cocoa, cider, or tea – even egg nog goes great in a mug! – it’s going to be SO good with the orange reminder of the season.

From the Desk of Pirate Edward Teach StationeryFrom the Desk of Pirate Edward Teach Stationery

Ahoy Matey! Impress your friends by writing them a letter from the desk of Edward Teach, better known as the dread pirate Blackbeard! They’ll wonder how you escaped the scurvy dog’s cabin, and they’ll ask you if you brought home any of his glistening treasures as a souvenir.


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