September 25, sometime in the Baroque Era, with a touch of present day.

Written with penmanship of Passion, the gentle cooper of the Phantom Acoustique, who was once a slave.

Hi. I’m Passion. I’m the cooper onboard Captain’s ship. My job is to patch barrels when they get a leak, or make sure they don’t warp or rust or crack. It sounds like a pretty simple job, but it’s tougher than it seems.

I’m honored to work for Captain Goodrich. He’s a gracious captain. He saved me from the wheel, which would have been my fate for running away from my cruel master again, if the captain hadn’t have bought me my freedom. Thank you, Cap’n. I’m grateful.

Life on a ship isn’t so bad, if you can look past the rowdy crew. They can be loud, sometimes. But they’re fun people.

Sometimes, after being at sea for long enough, it starts to get tough, because we start to run low on provisions, and there is no fresh fruit and other things. We can only eat tack biscuits, jerky, and other things. It’s ok though, because Pachelbel can make a good bone soup, and Intermezzo can catch us a fine meal of fish.

Sometimes I miss the land, streets to roam, trees to climb, markets to explore, but then I think of the trouble that land always brings me. I see the mark of my former master, branded into the back of my hand, telling anyone who sees it that I’m a runaway slave… and I know that the sea is my refuge. The crew on this ship – no matter how loud or how boisterous they are – are my only friends, my safety. They know where I came from, they know that I am free, despite the message on my hand that says otherwise. If I run away again, I’m dead, for sure. Punished with the worst form of punishment, fit only for an an unruly slave.

But it’s ok, I don’t mind the ship so much. Sometimes we find a pyrate ship, and then we have to fight the pyrates. It’s intimidating for sure, but Captain is good. We always win. Sometimes Captain gives the pyrate a second chance, but lots of times, he takes them to land and gives them to the king. Then the king decides whether to punish or pardon them.

I don’t know what makes Captain give people another chance at life. Why some people and not others? But I do not complain. If it weren’t for his choice to give second chances, I wouldn’t have been forgiven when I was caught pilfering from Rococo. I was quick, but my mate Rococo was quicker, and he caught me. Then Captain returned me to my master, but then turned right around and bought me with all the money he had. I’m indebted to Captain. Captain’s got an important message to post in just a few hours. Please, watch for it.


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