September 25, sometime in the Baroque Era, with a touch of present day.

Ahoy, ’tis Captain Goodrich here.   I’d like a moment of your time, if you have some to spare.

This past week you’ve had the chance to meet some of my crew.  Soon, I’ll be extending an invitation to all gamers like yourself, requesting that you join Baroque, Dissonancy, Passion, Rococo, and the rest of my crew as our shanty-man on the Phantom Acoustique.

Shanty-men are important roles to fill in a ship’s crew, as the shanty-man is a musician who leads the crew’s work with a shanty, an upbeat song.  This keeps our riggers in harmony together and lifts the spirits of the entire crew.  Shanty-men also make jolly the celebrations and entertainment onboard the ship so that the crew won’t lose heart on our voyages.

You’ll be navigating the seas, trading at port, dueling both pyrates and friends to protect the treasure maps you claim, and you may even experience a cannon battle or two.

If you decide to receive the invitation and join my crew of second chances, then I will be honored to give you the name Shanty, and my crew will welcome you eagerly into our ranks.  You’ll work with the boatswain, the carpenter, the gun master, and even an occasional king or religious evangelist who are taking their own voyage with us.

Friend, how much do you appreciate music?  If you love history, art, and music, then get ready to experience the journey of a lifetime in this long awaited, highly-competitive game of the year.  In the midst of stealing maps, arresting pyrates, collecting booty and surviving dread cannon battles, you’ll be composing your very own shanty tune in the key of sea.

Autumn Angel Art has been laboring over this swashbuckling card game for a long time, and are working diligently on getting it finished and in the marketplace by the end of the year or early next year.  Follow Autumn Angel Art on Twitter or their Facebook page to keep up with the important updates and information on this one-of-a-kind pyrate card game.  Or, if it suits your fancy, just follow this blog.  They’ll be sure to write updates as news on the game becomes available.


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