Meet Princess Krymscona: a bright girl, smart, attractive, and kind. She’s been a royal her entire life, sheltered from the troubles that life can bring, but as she’s growing older, her parents are beginning to depend on her to take the responsibilities of the heir of the throne. If she is to one day rule the country, then she must begin early to gain the respect of neighboring countries as well as the trust and loyalty of her own people. 

As her parents -the king and queen- watch her grow, they see her maturity developing. She’s as humble as she is a princess, and her love for country also develops into a beautiful budding flower; rare in such a world of political lies and conceit, where dictators rule with iron fists and countrymen live for themselves. 

The small newly-formed kingdom of Belaedria is preyed upon by other, larger and much older countries who want the land’s resources for their own.  The people of the small kingdom depend on the safety that is negotiated through trading deals with their neighboring kingdom, Trikedom.  Queen Paryla, chieftain of her own tribe before meeting the King and marrying him, knows of the pressures on a young girl to meet with other kings much older than herself and demand their respect; but she also knows that a girl must start young to earn trust and gain confidence in herself.   And so she advises the Honorable King Aezon to entrust their daughter with an ambassador’s role: send her to Trikedom to work out a trading deal that will benefit both countries, one with the safety of an alliance, the other with rich minerals from the bountiful mines of Belaedria’s mountains. The king and queen both trust the knowledge imparted on their daughter by her personal tutor that they hand-picked from their own board of advisors. 

So with their country’s safety on their mind, but also the safety of their daughter, Krymscona’s parents carefully choose one of the king’s best knights to defend the princess from predators, the King’s own personal prayer guard to protect her spirit from dark and evil temptations, the princess’s trusted maid to help and guide her in the ways of a lady, and her wise and tactful tutor to help lead her in the politics that she must learn to harness first-hand.  Together, the five depart for Trikedom to meet with the king there…


When we first wrote our short story Escaping the Lair for the anthology Worlds of Faith, we didn’t know anything about our heroine; she was just a girl lost in a dragon’s lair. But when we were given the chance to add an advert into the back of the book, we decided that we could turn her story into a card game that could engage the readers.  We thought the game would be easy to make: create the art for the cards and make a set of rules for them.  But as we began to work out the rules, the environment and the mood of our game, it grew into a much larger project. And as the project grew, so did our knowledge for the characters we were creating.  Krymscona became more than just a little girl trapped in a lair with a dragon, she became a princess, a daughter, a friend.