Are you looking forward to Halloween?  If you’re like me, then you’re eagerly waiting for (or already enjoying) the sweets that it brings.  Tootsie Rolls. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Hershey’s chocolate bars.  Bubble gum. Nerds. Twizzlers. Jolly Ranchers.  Skittles. M&Ms. Taffy. Lollipops and suckers.

When I was little, I didn’t like chocolate, unless it was white.  No chocolate cake, no chocolate candy, but there was one exception: Oreos, dipped in milk.  The white filled center made the chocolate worth it.  (The peanut butter filling for the Reese’s cup finally won me over to liking chocolate.)

I’ve grown into a love for the smooth rich candy.  Dark chocolate is my favorite, although I like any kind of chocolate.  Of course, you may not be looking forward to the Halloween candy as much as you’re eager for the costumes.  Wiches, zombies, superheroes, cowboys, pirates… maybe even a video game character or a movie star from the past.

As kids, Lacy and I would dress as Disney Characters (I was Esmerelda while she was Pocahontas), Power Rangers (I was pink, she was yellow), and my personal favorite was our angel costumes.  Our mother made our angel costumes made of lace, with little store-bought angel wings and halos that light up.  We had to wear 3 layers of coats and clothes to stay warm that autumn, but everyone on our block marveled that kids would choose to dress as angels instead of witches and ghouls.

Of course, then we moved to Germany and learned of St. Martin’s Day.  And of course, since Lacy’s birthday falls just a day after Halloween, we quickly got into the habit of celebrating her birthday by going out to eat instead of trick or treating.  (Although we did have fun with pumpkins well into our teen years.)  November 1, All Saint’s Day, a great day for a birthday, yes?

But whether you’re looking forward to candy or to costumes, I’m sure you’re excited to celebrate Halloween with parties.  Whether you’re getting together with friends, or you’re meeting at the office, or you’re throwing your own block party, you should definitely bring a batch of mouth-watering brownies or other sweet treats for your friends.

We’ve ordered a few of our own new products to test them out and see what kind of quality they are.  Here’s a video of Lacy showing off a few of our products.

If you’re attending someone else’s party or if you’re hosting your own, you can impress your friends with some totally awesome refreshments or grab bag gifts to give out.

Pirate Stripes Bandanas & Special Edition Pirate Stripe Bandanas

Me mateys! Would ‘ee b’wantin ta look like a pirate this Halloween? Why don’t y’try wearin’ tis pirate striped bandana? The special edition shows a skull on the forehead t’give yer look an “Arrg!” fierce scallywag pirate impression. Check t’shop fer over 50 colors!

bandanastripes       bandanastripescrossbones


Great brownies for a Halloween party. Surprise, amuse, and tickle your friends. Cute-O-Lantern is a member of a brownie family including: Wink-O-Lantern, Tongue-O-Lantern, Mask-O-Lantern, and 7 more! Check our store for a variety of treats. Oh… and trick or treat! =^_^=


Candy Corn Halloween Party 10″ X 15″ Tissue Paper

Our Halloween tissue paper brings your gift bags to life, with WILD and VIVACIOUS rows of sweet candy corn.  Add a gift bag from Zazzle for only $2.00 or browse our store and find a designer style gift bag.



Candy Corn Halloween Kid Crafts Satin Ribbon

Our Halloween pattern brings your crafting to life, with WILD and VIVACIOUS rows of sweet candy corn.



frogcandytinsPack of 10 Chocolate Frog Candy Tins

Rectangle     Big Round    Small Round

Are you a teacher? Give this simply adorable candy tin out to your class this Halloween! Your students will love the cute frog who is as sweet as the candy inside. You can change the quantity before purchasing.



12 Skull and Crossbones Chewing Gum Party Favors

“Dead men tell no tales” SO THEY SAY… Har har! We know o’better. Don’t we? Whether yer theme be scary Halloween, Talk Like a Pirate Day, a haunted birthday party, or just horrifying entertainment, these chewing gums are the best. Pick yer flavor and be on with it! Yar, matey.

witchbrewWitch’s Brew: Hot Chocolate Drink Mix

A great Halloween treat, and a fun treat for kids and adults. The colorful drink mixes will seem like magic to the senses of your guests at the party you throw, but you know what it really is: it’s a witch’s cocktail, brewed right in your own kitchen.


pumpkinspicemugPumpkin Spice Mug

11 Oz     15 Oz

The Pumpkin Spice mug would be a truly “feel good” addition to your kitchen cabinet. It’s for that comforting time of year, when the air is chilly, during September through December. Whether you like coffee, hot cocoa, cider, or tea – even egg nog goes great in a mug! – it’s going to be SO good with the orange reminder of the season.




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