Through years of practice, Kat has learned how to adapt her penning and shading to match different periods in history. In this video, you can see her drawing like an old style, the artist, Domenico Ghirlandaio, having drawn the picture to the left. Although Ghirlandaio is a Italian Renaissance painter, pen and paper were used even in the 1600’s, during a time known as the Baroque period, with chalk and charcoal also popular. The Baroque period is where our Jabber Worthy story is set, the time when pirates lived.

The character in our video is Anne-Dieu-le-Veut, which in English means “Anne-God-Wills-It”. She was a female pirate living in history, born in the mid 1600’s, who has an awesome story to say the least; her personality is what makes it exciting; she requested to duel with a man to avenge her husband’s death, then fell in love with that man she wanted to duel! Yo ho ho, the complicated life of a pirate, I tell you, always willing to die quickly, always wanting to love passionately, staying loyal to those worth standing shoulder-to-shoulder with, while being redeemed or staying forever greedy. What’ll happen next! The pirate life is quite unpredictable.

Anne-Dieu-le-Veut will be in our Jabber Worthy stories and game. In fact, lots of pirates will be. It’s a blast! A cannon blast. Hardy haaar!

In the video, Kat adds shadow by drawing lines, some darker tones of mahogany brown, some lighter tones, and with different angles on the face then on the dress, etc. The lines are knit on top of each other, in different angles, to create the darkest shadows. Also, she used digital art brushes to replicate the paper texture. I’m really proud of her for all that she’s learned how to do.


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