Lori Greiner had it right when she said, “Entrepreneurs: The only people who work 80 hour weeks to avoid working 40 hour weeks.” That’s us!

Kat and I have been posting three times a week on our blog: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It’s been grueling, but that’s ok; we felt compelled to show others how dedicated we are as writers, as artists and designers, and I thought it would be a good exercise to keep us on our toes, teach us a few things about social media and marketing. However, between videos and artwork and Zazzle products and stories and research and all that goes into making games, our  weekend tasks have been spilling into our weekdays, overlapping each other, and to get it all done, it’s almost too much! Something’s gotta give. So… any entrepreneur can relate, right?

We’ve made the decision to schedule 2 blog posts per week, publishing Monday and Thursday, to have more time to work on our games Jabber Worthy and Escaping the Lair (pending title). They’re so awesome and deserve our time, they really do. I am certain gamers will fall in love with the built-in stories and characters from both games, and we want to work harder on art and stories involving these fictional worlds, both to post here and in stores. Just too much to do, sometimes!

We will continue to work our hardest to provide quality posts, and I hope you truly enjoy reading them.

Let us know which blog posts have been your favorite so far. Christian? Recipes? Fiction? Please support us by writing a friendly comment below.


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