I must be a music geek somewhere in my core, because no one else in their right mind would be inspired by the music term “arpeggio” to compose a melody. Do you know what an arpeggio is? Quite a common music term, it is the fancy word for a broken chord, which usually is 3 or 4 notes long, but may be longer, ascending or descending tones. It makes a lovely sound. Beethoven used the technique, Bach used it, and video game music composers are fond of it, too, as is anyone. Final Fantasy fans may recognize the song title “Kuja’s Theme” from Final Fantasy 9, that has a series of arpeggios playing in the left hand of the piano, or at least, I think they are arpeggios, otherwise, they’re just a series of shattered chords, like broken glass… ascending it begins: D, A, D, F; then it descends: D, Ab, D…etc.

So lately, I’ve been neglecting my music. I haven’t played music in a long time, years maybe, which is bad for any budding musician. I simply have not the time for everything. It’s like when you are hungry, and you have to choose between meals, but you’re famished and want to eat everything on the menu; how can I make a choice when creativity can go whichever direction, but not all at the same time? I’m an octopus who can only move one tentacle at a time, ha ha.

However, I had to get back to music. I’ve been told that if I don’t play my Roland workstation, it’ll grow worn and the circuitry goes bad. So I went to it, pulled off the old, white sheet covering and dusted it, switching the ON switch, watching the green and red squares light up. My eyes grew a bit misty with regret from neglecting my talent. Music and I are old friends, yet we have been through a lot of arguments and debates, what with all the self-criticism and failed attempts.

One of my hardest troubles of composition is the technical side of audio recording. Lately though, I’ve decided to deem it a hobby rather than a profession, something I do for fun. I will be a bit easier on myself from now on (Lord willing lol).

I want to share one of my songs with you:

It’s titled “Arpeggio Abduction”. When I composed it, I pictured a great composer playing music in the night, when suddenly, he is beamed up into a UFO of dancing green aliens. At the end of the song, he is returned to his piano bench, and his playing continues, but he is forever changed…




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