I was skeptical. “Join the movement”, everyone was saying.  It was a nice thought, but its hard to find a dynamic Christian movie.  I’ve seen many inspirational titles, including The Christmas Candle, Amazing Love, and A Horse for Summer. I love inspirational movies, but many are lacking… something more, to give it that extra “umph”, the appeal that it needs to really hit home.

There have been a few movies that I think have that extra something -the dynamic appeal- that it needs, including Faith Like Potatoes, The Ultimate Gift, Unconditional, War Room, and Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story.

So when my family decided to watch God’s Not Dead, I was skeptical.  Would it have the extra quality to really start a movement, as it claimed?  From first glance it had a few of my favorite actors playing in it: Kevin Sorbo and Dean Cain, as well as a guest appearance and performance by News Boys; so my curiosity was sparked.

The story was great, the acting was superb.  I was impressed.  I was sold when I heard that they were making a sequel, God’s Not Dead 2, especially when I heard that Melissa Joan Hart would be playing a part in it.

I loved Sabrina the Teenage Witch when I was a kid. Since then, of course, I’ve realized that it was Melissa along with Beth Broderick and Caroline Rhea that I actually enjoyed more than the story itself.

Anyway, I was eager to see Melissa again, and was very happy to see the return of some of my favorite characters played by Paul Kwo, Benjamin Oyango and Trisha LaFache.

I personally enjoyed the second movie more than the first.  The courtroom theme appealed to me more than the college campus did, and the teacher being sued for “proselytizing in the classroom” seemed more believable to me than the teacher who resented God, although they’re both based on true stories.

I can’t wait until God’s Not Dead 3 is released, although I do realize it’ll be a long wait. IMDB doesn’t even show it in the pre-production stage yet.  But that’s ok.  I’ll eagerly wait to see how our favorite Reverend Dave gets out of the trouble that he’s in… I hope to see Paul Kwo and Benjamin Oyango playing alongside David A. R. White.  I’m also curious to see who else they choose. Could it be someone who I’d like to see again?  Alexa Vega perhaps?  Maybe David Gallagher or Katie McGrath or Aaron Yoo?  Abigail Breslin, or maybe even Jonathan Rhys-Davies?

…Probably not.  But maybe.  I’ll be looking forward to learning more about God’s Not Dead 3. I don’t know if it’s started a movement or not, but I’m hooked.


Christianity is not a Democracy T-Shirt

As Psalms 24 asks, who is the King of glory? The answer is Jesus our Lord! As Christians, we are not free to live the way we decide is best; instead, we are to submit to God’s reign and serve Him, the Loving One who cleansed us and gave us the power to enter God’s holy place, His temple and His mountain.


One thought on “God’s Not Dead: A Movement or a Movie

  1. Dobry blog to przede wszystkim porządne i ciekawe artykuły. Artykuły dotyczące tematów, na których się znamy i chcemy tą wiedzą dzielić się z innymi.

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