To Sign or Not to Sign: Filmmakers’ Freedom

“’Youtube should support the right to free speech without censorship and discrimination.’

“Please go and sign, please go and sign the petition. You know what, we’re not just fighting for us – I hate to use that word fight. I’m not challenging their decision just for us. I’m challenging [Youtube] for ALL of you all, that if you have a conservative voice, or even if you have a voice and is being censored it’s wrong. Because still, that is still, a violation of your freedom –your 1st Amendment your freedom of speech- and you should be able to speak what you want to speak without somebody discriminating against you. Especially if you not even speaking hate speech. You just telling the truth about some things. Hun, they prefer to – Listen. They would prefer to hear well-dressed lies than the naked, nasty truth. And listen. I have to speak my mind, because it hurts me to bite my tongue. I can’t bite it, ya’ll!”

-Diamond and Silk, in a live video tonight (August 16, 2017) on Facebook

According to the Republican TV personalities Diamond and Silk, Youtube has plans to ostracize, isolate, and in a sense silence the voices of those who exercise their freedom of speech by uploading videos, whenever Youtube deems it “hate speech”, “violent extremism”, “controversial”, “religious”, or “supremacist content”. The videos will not be completely removed, only they will be limited to where comments, ads, and recommendation features are all disabled, so that people cannot support the users, and advertisers won’t have to pay for their ads to show on what seems to be offensive content.

How does this affect us as Christians, and how does this make us stronger rather than pull us apart?

Now, there are some things about Diamond and Silk I do not prefer. They use harsh language (which they frequently apologize for doing), they are somewhat extreme I will admit, and some may label their videos as hate speech, but unless either one of them actually commit a crime like stealing, murdering, vandalizing property, or harassing a person in a way that can be taken to court, I don’t agree that their freedom to speak their opinions should be limited, or if so, be fair about it and limit every single video where anyone is stating harsh views, including Republicans, Democrats, Christians, Muslims, LGBT activists, or anyone who expresses any strong viewpoints that are not acceptable to the opposite viewpoint. (I’m not for Youtube limiting everyone, I’m just making the point it is unfair to limit some, not others.) The question I want to ask: why is The Viewer’s View (aka Diamond and Silk)’s expression of views considered hate speech, and deserve a disabled and limited access to Youtube, whenever The View  (aka Joy Behar, Paula Faris, Sara Haines, Whoopi Goldberg) continues to receive all the benefits of monetization, etc? Only one answer: discrimination.

To speak in defense of Youtube for a minute, I had a conversation about this with someone else and she had a great point: if you don’t like how Youtube does it, go somewhere else and do business. As a business, maybe Youtube (owned by Google) should be able to deny their services to religious activists and extremists, and you may agree depending on if you are for or against that viewpoint.

If you do not agree with Youtube, and want for the video community to stay deep, diverse, inclusive, and accepting, please consider signing Diamond and Silk’s petition, which you can go to and sign at the link below. (Click on the picture.)

Diamond and Silk's Petition

Either way, Kat and my Youtube channel (Autumn Angel Art) will not be affected by the demonetization strategy, because we have chosen not to display ads. We have always wanted to keep our channel clean and without distraction; also, to keep our work as a ministry with no worship of money. That, however, is a personal choice and other religious (and not religious) users, I believe, should have the right to make money like anyone else, if that’s what they think is right for their needs.

Therefore, we have decided to sign the petition in respect to all filmmakers’ freedoms and rights, their equal standing with the world, but I also pray that other video sites prosper outside of Youtube. Soon, it may become a matter of conscience for video makers (Christian or not) to do business elsewhere. I know I will be doing research to find other places to upload and include my videos, in case the discrimination levels grow far worse and my channel is also affected or deleted. Perhaps Godtube and Vimeo are other choices?



Experiencing the Spirit’s “It”

Have you ever felt in your zone? Like, this is what I’m meant to do, this right here, and nothing else matters just so long as you can experience “It”?

I’ve felt that way ever since that time a few years ago…

I remember It. Summertime was here and I was swimming in my pool when suddenly, fear struck my heart. The breeze blew my wet hair and thoughts of actor Robin Williams surfaced; I felt a sense of worry. It grew stronger. Why? My mind pulled me to pray, but I dwelt on nothing except the feeling. The fear. I didn’t know why I couldn’t stop worrying. There was nothing indicating anything was wrong. Who am I, I questioned, to pray for someone far away, someone I rarely think about, and Robin surely doesn’t think of me. I don’t know what’s going on with him, so why should I pray? 

Then August came. Robin Williams passed away tragically. Emotion led me to write about him in my prayer journal on August 11, 2014:

“Tonight the internet posted… Robin Williams died, age 63, from what people think was depression/suicide, cause of death being asphyxiation. Lord, that made me so sad… to know that, it makes me distressed. I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately, you know, and at one point I even thought about putting him on my prayer list, but then I forgot to. 😦

It made me realize how important it is to do what is right as soon as I can, without dilly-dallying. I don’t know what anyone is going through.”

The same thing – It – happened with Whitney Houston 2 years before. I was thinking about her before she died. I was worried about her for no apparent reason. Commonly, I listened to her song on Pandora’s pop station, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and danced and sang along, and the beat made me feel energized and happy, but days before her death the music was a little bit sadder. I looked at her face on the cover of the album and grew worried and sad. Unfortunately, I didn’t pray for her either, because I wasn’t listening to It, the Holy Spirit’s calling, and she died 2 days after singing “Jesus Loves Me” with Kelly Price, in what is determined to be an accidental death.

Since Robin Williams, I try never to take thinking about someone, close or far-away, for granted. Whether they know me or not, that gives me no less responsibility to respond to It, do what God calls me to do, and if that means praying for random people, I’m there.

“It” is kind of like a spiritual ya-ya or pow-wow or whatever they’re called, when people are joined together hand in hand, or in a huddle, and they all feel less alone and scared, because they’re pouring out hearts to one another, except It is all in the unseen realm and completely on a God level, where nobody sees each other. Some call it ESP and some call it random clusters of luck, but truth be told there is a Spirit that connects us together. Kind of like in Acts 9:7 when “the men who were traveling with him [Saul] stood speechless, hearing the voice but seeing no one.” God is there. He does speak.

I had another mental occurrence last week for a celebrity; I welcome you pray if you feel It too.

Last week, I dreamed about George Lucas. In my dream, I was trying to find out how to talk to him personally, because I was writing a story and wanted his mentorship, so the dream flashed forward to an interview, where I asked him whether he was proud of the new Disney-made Star Wars movies. He shrugged and said, “I don’t know, I don’t care what they do with the story, just so they make the characters happy in the end. If they have all the characters die, I’ll be upset, but I really don’t care.” He walked off with a briefcase and I was left following him into a rainy street. The street lights hit the road and made it shine, and he looked back at me, but continued on his way, and I felt sorry for him. After a lingering darkness, I awoke.

We can pray that George Lucas copes with the continuation of Star Wars and that he continues to be strong, because I am not among the group who holds to the opinion that everything Mr. Lucas did was for money -there are actually some on the internet saying that- and I feel like he could be stressed seeing his lifelong (or for a long time) project be altered and adapted to match today’s society.

In conclusion, there’s an answer now that lingers when I question “Who am I?” I guess I’m God’s prayer warrior, because he calls me time and time again to pray for people in need. Even public figures, the rich, celebs, and government officials need prayers, so I’ll respond to the call this time. Now… unlike before… I’ll be there. I’ve experienced “It” and I know what to call It: it’s not extrasensory perception, it’s not intuition, it’s not clairvoyance, It is God’s voice and he knows who is in need of the spiritual gathering of souls, for us to unite in prayer, to rescue, seek and save the lost.

Help me!

With love, Lacy

Additional journal prayers about Robin and Zelda Williams:

August  12, 2014: “Please be with Zelda Williams right now, during her daddy’s death/wake. Whatever you call it. Lord, please be with those around her, that they might give her love, so she doesn’t fall into depression, too. We’re [Kat and I] thinking about doing something for Zelda Williams on Twitter to give our condolences regarding her dad, Robin. She tweeted something saying ‘I love you. I miss you. I’ll keep trying to look up.’ Along with a quote about stars and how stars will laugh for Robin or something…

“Troy [my uncle] posted up something saying that Robin was the type of man who liked reading Chronicles of Narnia to his kids. Maybe he was a Christian, who knows. You know, Lord. You know.”

August 13, 2014: “Be with Zelda Williams – we’re considering drawing a picture of Zelda as [Princess] Zelda (a new costume design) and advertising Saint Jude’s on it, maybe even her specific link, the one where people can win a trip to Expo 2014… if it’s still applicable. Tell us if it’s wrong. She got off Twitter but she’s still on it. Just taking a break.”

August 14, 2014: “All I know is that we need to figure out what we are doing most of all on The Lair [our game’s original title], for now, and of course, Zelda Williams. She needs encouragement right now. I hope I can do something creative enough to speak to her.”

August 15, 2014: “Thank you for your beautiful blessings you bestow on me everyday. I said something earlier I regret – something like, ‘If God gave us the Merlin cast, Zelda Williams, and KOEI to work with, on Merlin and Camelot Musou (a game [idea we had]), we’d have the best of three worlds and we’d have to thank God everyday for all the blessings he’s given us.’ As if we shouldn’t give thanks anyway! Sorry if this is wrong, Lord. I’m sure it was careless of me to say it.

“I’m fearful I am going to doubt again about my future and even about salvation and heaven/etc., because the idea that Robin Williams will go to Hell is eating pretty bad at me, however, there is nothing I should worry about that. You have got that under control! If he is a man who accepted Jesus in his heart, and he followed the path of Christ, then he’ll be in heaven!”

“…Please have Dmini [online friend] write back to my fanart. 😦 Unless I really am supposed to move on…. maybe I should focus on getting Zelda’s picture done first.

“…Father, please continue to be with Zelda Williams. Twitter has taken action against the trolls that kicked her off of Twitter. They want to be more aggressive in stopping bullies. Thank you, Lord. In Jesus name, Amen”

August 16, 2014: “Father, today I didn’t get a lot done on Zelda Williams’ fanart. In fact, I almost felt bad again for trying to make a happy picture. So I ask you to guide my inspiration for that. Please help me to know how to react to someone who just had their father kill himself. What a sad circumstance. How can I ever relate?”

I never have been able to draw the picture for Zelda yet, but I still pray for her. I invite you to pray with me.

“Most certainly I tell you, he who hears my word, and believes him who sent me, has eternal life, and doesn’t come into judgment, but has passed out of death into life.” John 5:24