Garden Nymph


We found a nymph in our backyard! #Shakespeare #Faeries

Look how small she is compared to the little tomato, and the three-leaf clover in the background.

She’s a baby, but I won’t tell you what for. You’ll have to guess…

The answer is below in white. (Select the space below to see the name.)

*Aztec Spur-throat Grasshopper (Aidemona azteca)*




I received an Omax MD8210 for my birthday last week: a digital compound binocular LED microscope.  I had a microscope on my wish list, but I expected for the good models to typically fall into the price range of $1,800 to $3,000, so I didn’t expect for such an expensive birthday gift.  This particular model is very cheap, but it’s very high powered and works wonderfully.  It took me a day or two to learn how to use it, because it’s got 5 different little knobs to focus with and it’s got a wet lens that needs immersion oil.  Considering I didn’t receive a user manual for it, it was a bit of a challenge to figure it out, but I looked online and found the manual on (a library of user manuals).

Viewing microbiology: it’s like entering another dimension.  Yesterday Lacy and I went outside, and we were looking for specimen to view under the microscope.  Fspidersor the first time, she was thinking very small.  She saw a spider on its web; it was just a little bigger than the tip of a ballpoint pen.  “What are you going to catch, little guy?”  She asked it.  “You’re tinier than anything else that would get stuck in your web. Are you going to eat something three times your size?”  Only later did we discover just how many tiny bugs that were smaller than the spider that set it’s trap on the cactus, waiting for its prey to fall into it’s web.  (Of course, that’s not taking away from the fact that the spider’s web really could ensnare something three times the spider’s size.)

“Didja’ ever get…

…one of them days?” Any time my good mood can carry through on a bad day, my mind quotes a song from one of my favorites movies growing up: G. I. Blues.  Even now as an adult, sometimes I think back to the movie to help me lighten the jw-keydriveemotions of a bad day.

Last week was full of “them days”. When nothing goes right, from morning to night…. Take last Friday, for instance. We discovered that the work we had done last week had all been lost. The culprit: the keydrive I got Lacy for her birthday.

Our computers always have an ominous foreboding air about them.  Sometimes I threaten to throw the computer out the window because of how fed up I am by it. For years now, they have had problems that slow down our work flow.  We kid that they work against us every chance they get. For instance, there are some days when 12 times a day our painter program bugs up and closes out. If we don’t save often, then we have to start over. At other times the pen for our drawing monitor stops working and we have to leave it plugged in to recharge for days before it starts working again. A few rare instances even results in the dreaded “file is corrupt” error, or at the least, half of the picture fries into a green and blue mess of lines that we simply cannot use.

But this past Friday was a pivotal moment for ‘them days’. It rivaled the time we tried to merge Google+ accounts into one account and lost all of our Youtube videos in the process; or the time my computer was smitten with a virus that locked me out of the computer; or the time we invested time and money into a patent, researching for weeks to fill out all the right forms needed, just to receive a letter back saying that the forms we sent in were out of date and we needed to pay an extra fee to get help from the patent attorneys that they could offer services from.

So, back to Friday, opening the keydrive that all of our Jabber Worthy files are saved to, I was looking for the day’s work to get started on when I suddenly realized that my “Pirates” folder was completely empty.  Upon further investigation I realized that the “Treasure” folder had been emptied as well.  I asked Lacy if she had done anything to the files, and she grew concerned as she told me to check the files she had been working on the day before.  To our horror, the “Crew” folder with all of Lacy’s work was completely inaccessible.  The entire folder was completely ruined, losing all the files that had been saved inside them! When I tried to recopy our older backup files to start anew,  I discovered the problem was deeper than just an empty folder or corrupt file…multiple folders couldn’t be moved because they had been corrupted.


Usually we’re pretty level-headed and can work against the tide, but this setback was a wrench in our gears; we struggled to know how to proceed forward.  Do we give up?  Call it quits? Go back to the other projects we’ve been putting off for Jabber Worthy? Or do we keep trudging forward, slowly, surely, fighting against the computer crashes that keep threatening to ruin our business?  For now we’ll try, try again.  But seriously…

Didja’ Ever?